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Why Karmo Rideshare Rentals

Rent a car, drive on the rideshare apps, start making money!

No Joining Fee

That's right! No Joining fee! Other rideshare rental services charge ongoing fees to use their service, but we believe you should be earning money, not paying fees.

One Fixed Cost

At Karmo, you have the option of unlimited kilometres so the only additional costs you are accountable for are fuel, traffic offences and any repairs or damage not covered by insurance or warranty.

Flexible Kilometre Options

Drive as much as you like, or as little. We don't limit the amount you can earn. At Karmo we provide multiple options on multiple cars!

More Car Options to Choose From

We have a heap of cars to choose from to help you get driving and earning fast. Check out our range of vehicles.

Improve your rating

Nicer car, better chance for a 5 star rating, that's just simple maths.

Hybrid & EV Specialist

Karmo are specialist in Electric and Hybrid vehicles, a great option to reduce your fuel costs & carbon footprint.

Rideshare Rental Cars

Rideshare rental to suit any budget

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