Why Choose Car Subscription In Adelaide?

Car subscription is your gateway to accessing a variety of vehicles without the burden of long-term commitment. Free yourself from large upfront costs and enjoy the flexibility to swap vehicles as your needs evolve — perfectly suited to the vibrant lifestyle of Adelaide.

How Does a Car Subscription Work?

Getting started is easy! Pick your preferred vehicle from our wide range of cars, fill out a brief application, and arrange for pickup at our Adelaide hub. Your all-inclusive weekly fee covers everything except fuel or charging costs, letting you focus solely on enjoying the drive. When your subscription term ends, you have the option to swap your vehicle or upgrade to the latest model, ensuring you always have access to the best features and performance.

Advantages of a Karmo Car Subscription


No setup or joining fees


Transparent, all-inclusive pricing


Access to a latest cars at competitive rates


Freedom from long-term commitments

Subscription vs Lease vs Rental vs Ownership


Car subscriptions, leases, and rentals include a kilometre limit, contrasting with car ownership. Karmo’s subscriptions provide a generous 385 km/week allowance for personal use and up to 1500 km/week for rideshare in Adelaide, beyond which excess charges apply.

Upfront and running costs

Leases and car ownership involve significant initial expenses, unlike car rentals and subscriptions, which operate on a more manageable weekly payment basis. Subscriptions with Karmo encompass all costs related to registration, insurance, maintenance, and service, reducing your financial concerns to just fuel or charging.


Owning or leasing a car involves long-term financial and emotional investment in a depreciating asset. In contrast, subscriptions and rentals offer more flexibility—ideal for adapting to life’s changes without the commitment, making them perfect for dynamic urban living in Adelaide.

Car age

Through car subscriptions, you gain access to newer models and have the opportunity to regularly update or swap your vehicle, ensuring you benefit from the latest technological advances and safety features.

Car Subscription FAQs

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Thinking a Karmo subscription might be right for you?

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