Why Choose Car Subscription In Brisbane?

Car subscription is the ideal solution for accessing a variety of vehicles without long-term commitments. This flexible model offers no large upfront costs and allows for vehicle swaps, perfectly adapting to your evolving lifestyle needs in Brisbane.

How Does a Car Subscription Work?

It’s simple! Select your preferred vehicle from our extensive range, fill out a quick application, and we’ll arrange for you to pick it up from our Brisbane hub. Your all-inclusive weekly fee covers all expenses except fuel or charging costs, letting you focus solely on driving. At the end of your term, easily switch to a different vehicle or upgrade to the latest model, ensuring you’re always driving a reliable and modern car.

Benefits of a Karmo Car Subscription


No setup or joining fees


All-inclusive, transparent pricing


Access to a wide range of cars at affordable prices


No long term commitment required

Subscription vs Lease vs Rental vs Ownership


Unlike car ownership, car subscriptions, car leases, and car rentals come with a limit on how many kilometres you can drive during the booking period. However, Karmo car subscriptions in Brisbane offer a generous 385 km/week limit for personal use and a 1500 km/week limit before excess usage charges apply.

Upfront and running costs

Car leases and ownership often involve significant upfront costs, unlike car rentals and subscriptions, which are typically structured with daily or weekly charges. However, Karmo car subscriptions cover costs like registration, insurance, service and maintenance, and roadside assistance, ensuring your running costs are limited to just fuel or charging.


Car ownership and leases require long-term commitments and consideration of depreciation effects on your vehicle. In contrast, car subscriptions and car rentals offer more flexibility. While rentals are ideal for short-term needs or holidays, subscriptions are perfect for hassle-free, long-term access to a vehicle.

Car age

Car subscriptions provide access to new or nearly new vehicles and offer options for swaps and upgrades, ensuring you receive the best value from your weekly fee.

Car Subscription FAQs

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Thinking a Karmo subscription might be right for you?

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