Moving with your business

Karmo for Business is all about flexibility, control and affordability. At a price that compares favourably to traditional car ownership, you can have an amazing new car experience without having to worry about unforeseen circumstances. Simply select your car and a term that is right for you.  At the end of each term, you can select a new car that meets the needs of your changing lifestyle.
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The tax effective way to do more with your money

There many advantages to subscription for business over leasing or purchasing the vehicle. Cost, Risk, Time, Tax are just some of the things that can be reduced with a business subscription.

A better experience for you and your team

A subscription plan will ensure you’re always driving in a new car. Maximising the safety features and functionality as well as representing your company in a clean and professional manner.

Financial flexibility

A subscription plan ensures that you’re not locked into long term contracts. With a flexible subscription term you can increase or decrease your fleet in line with your business needs.

We've got your back

Subscription vs. Ownership

No Long Term Commitments
Maintenance Included
Insurance Included
Registration included
Roadside Assist
Upgrade to a new car*

How to get started

We'll help you through every step

1. Let us know about your business

After contacting us through the enquiry form below, we'll contact you to learn more about your business and share some ideas on how you can make the most of our subscription plans.

2. We'll send you a quote

Once we have a clear picture of the challenges you're facing and the types of cars you want and need, we'll prepare a quote. We want to make sure you've had time to properly consider or share with your accountant to make sure its right for you.

3. We'll get your cars ready

Once you've signed the subscription contracts, we'll let you know when the cars are available for pickup. When the cars are coming up for renewal, we'll make sure we touch base to confirm your situation hasn't changed and to advise on ways that your fleet might be more efficient.

Get your fleet moving

Enquire for business

Let us know a little about your business and we’ll contact you to follow up and explain how a flexibile and affordable subscription model can improve the quality of your work cars whilst saving you money and hassle.

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