Car Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be for Car Subscription?
Can I put Company branding on the vehicle?
Can I add kilometres onto my subscription at the start?
How many kilometres can I drive?
How much is you damage waiver?
How do I get my subscription car?
How are payments taken?
If I have been declined for finance for a car loan can I still subscribe?
Do we require a bond?
How often are payments made?
How does the Handover work?
Can I charge my EV at home?
Are Electric cars safe?
How far will my EV drive?
What additional costs are there?
Is the car covered by insurance?
What is the mininum hire term?
Do I pay for charging?
What if I don't bring my vehicle in when asked?
Who is responsible for the damage?
What happens if I am involved in a car accident?
Are there any additional charges when the vehicle is returned?
What kind of documents do I require?
Do I need a good credit rating?
What information is required?
Who isn't covered by insurance?
Can I add a driver?
Do I have to pay for maintenance and servicing?
Can I pay the whole term upfront?