Car Subscriptions – Car Rentals That Are Customer Focussed  

29 November 2023

In your search for short or mid term vehicle solutions, you might have come across the terms car subscriptions and car rentals. These terms are sometimes used interchangeably and can cause confusion. In this article let’s look at the similarities and differences between these two services. This will help you can make the best decision in choosing what is right for you. 

Car Subscriptions

A car subscription is a novel way to access a vehicle without the commitment of long term ownership. It is ideal for drivers looking for a medium term solution, typically 4-9 months with the option to extend and swap vehicles. Subscriptions entail an all-inclusive weekly fee that covers the cost of the car, registration, service and roadside assistance.

Car Rentals 

A car rental lets you rent a vehicle for a specified period, generally on a shorter term basis of days to weeks. The cost and duration of the rental is usually fixed during pick-up and there are significant upfront payments involved. The rental charge often includes the cost of registration, service and roadside assistance but might have some hidden add-ons. 

The Key Difference Between Car Subscriptions And Car Rentals –  Customer Focus

Both services offer mobility solutions for drivers requiring short to mid term vehicle access. But the key standout is in the quality of the vehicle and customer service. Car rentals are focused on the car while subscriptions focus on the customer. By joining a Karmo subscription plan you unlock a customised experience tailored according to your needs and not just access to a single car. 

Unlike car rentals, subscriptions don’t operate as an agreement with a fixed term requiring the customer to pay for the service upfront. This drives subscription companies’ incentive to provide the best customer service from beginning to end. Subscription services such as Karmo are flexible, with easily manageable weekly payments, and offer the option of switching to a different vehicle or upgrading to a newer vehicle based on your changing requirements.

Car Rentals Are Great For Mileage-Intensive Short Term Needs 

A key difference in car rentals and subscriptions in the mileage included. Most car rentals provide a higher weekly kilometre allowance than car subscription service. This makes them suitable for mileage-intensive needs over a shorter period of time such as holidayers who plan to see all the sites via car. As mentioned earlier, because car rentals are focussed on the car, they seek to get the most value from a car over the shorter time period. The downside to this, is the high kilometre allowance comes at the expense of users having to make do with an older car which may be less reliable and comfortable. 

In Adelaide Car Subscription is The Way To Go If You Want: 

New Reliable Vehicles 

Car subscription services tend to  provide newer vehicles. Karmo on the other hand always offers new or brand new vehicles. New vehicles are reliable, have the latest features and safety mechanisms, and provide a luxury new car feeling for every drive. At Karmo you have the ability to swap to a different new vehicle every  4-9 months because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for old vehicles. 

Karmo Car Subscriptions Provide New Cars

Comfortable Daily Commute

Karmo subscriptions offer a generous 385 km/ week mileage allowance. This is perfect for the daily commute and errands especially in a compact and well planned city like Adelaide. Car rentals on the other hand offer a higher mileage allowance which often goes unused. This comes at a financial cost and the cost of the comfort. 

Fair and All-Inclusive Price 

Subscriptions operate on a fair and all-inclusive weekly price structure. This ensures customers can plan their finances ahead and never worry about unexpected bills. Customers aren’t charged a premium based on the length of the subscription and the customer-focussed approach makes for a quick, hassle-free experience. 

How To Get Started On a Car Subscription

At Karmo, signing up for a subscription is easy. We have a wide range of vehicles in Adelaide for you to choose from. Once you fill out and enquiry from, a specialist will get in touch to assess your eligibility and get you in a car. 

Karmo Car Subscription Location in Adelaide 

Our Karmo Adelaide Hub can be found at 8A King St, Alberton SA 5014, Australia. Karmo car subscriptions empower Adelaide’s population to embrace mobility without the constraints of ownership.

Karmo, A 5 star Alternative For Long-Term Car Rentals In Adelaide 

In Adelaide, Karmo stands out among many vehicle rental and subscription options available with its exceptional service and customer satisfaction. This is evident from our numerous 5-star reviews from loyal customers on Google. Our commitment to providing new, top-tier vehicles quickly and commitment to customer service, makes us a preferred car subscription provider. To learn more about car subscriptions in Adelaide, click here.

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