Why work with Karmo as a dealership?

We work closely with our dealer partners to ensure long and successful relationships. Dealers can increase both new and used car sales and increase overall dealership profitability by locking in consistent monthly volumes. Our dealer network can also access our subscription platform, unlocking a new way to acquire and retain customers.

How it works

Car is purchased

As a fleet buyer, Karmo, purchases vehicles through a Dealer network whilst negotiating buy back agreements

Car is subscribed

Karmo subscribes the vehicle to a driver who will use the car until they hit the vehicle return trigger (usually 7,500 km’s – 15,000kms)

Car returned to dealer

Karmo sells the vehicle back to the dealer at the agreed buyback price

Dealer sells vehicle

The Dealer sells the vehicle as a high quality used car

Benefits to dealers


Trigger volume rebates on initial fleet sale


Have new car orders partially already filled


Have a steady flow of returned quality used cars


Ability to pre-sell cars not on floor plan


Build more customer segments through increasing the size of a high quality used car market Increase


Increase their used car volume with 40% trade ins on Karmo volume

Have your own subscription offering

Karmo can also help get your own subscription program kickstarted. You can use our platform to subscribe customers to your available vehicles and Karmo will take care of the rest. It’s that easy. Want to know more details? Use the form below.

Benefits to Manufacturers


Incredible marketing channel to build brand awareness for new models. We provide OEM’s with 18,000 hours of test drives per week!


The channel provides captured eyeballs on the product at a rate that far exceeds any other channel at no cost.


Protect residual values of used cars by offsetting the typical 1 year high km rental car that is driving the market rate.


Our model provides low km, high quality used cars that are more typically priced similar to a demo or near new car.

Move your cars today.

If you would like to know more about our dealer arrangements, please get in touch.