Why subscribe to an electric vehicle?

A Karmo subscription makes starting your journey to sustainable driving cheaper and easier than ever. At an affordable weekly price you can get behind the wheel of a brand new electric vehicle with no large capital outlay or financial risk. Our shorter term plans, usually 4-9 months are perfect for anyone who wants to try before they buy, or simply want a modern hassle-free alternative to car ownership.

How does it work?

Subscription includes everything into the price except for your charging costs. Registration, maintenance, roadside and insurance are all bundled into your weekly subscription fee. There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to swapping cars and every EV up for subscription is brand new or with very few KMs on the odometer. We don’t do used vehicles! There are no up front joining fees and no obligation for long term commitment.

Benefits of EV Subscription


Subscription is the cheapest and most flexible way to understand living with an EV. See how an EV fits into you’re daily routine, configure a charging schedule, get used to the performance and generally see if an EV is right for you.


Don’t wait months or even years for you new EV to hit Australian shores. Drive an EV sooner rather than later with Karmo.


Reduce your carbon emissions and take positive climate action. Not only that, save on fuel costs and only pay for charging at stations or your residence.


Our subscription model will replace your EV with a brand new one once your term is up. Upgrade or swap your EV as they are made available without taking on any risk.

Benefits of subscription

No Commitment

Subscription is extremely flexible and easy to sign up to. A lease is generally a much longer term commitment, which is normally around 3 years. There’s a good chance circumstances or lifestyles can change within that time, which means you’ll have to keep paying out the rest of your lease even when you no longer want the car, or pay out a large termination fee. Subscription allows you to be flexible with term length while only paying an all inclusive weekly fee.

Low Risk

When buying or leasing a car, your risk is a lot higher for damage and general wear / tear. Leasing is also very vague in what their wear and tear policies actually cover. If you use a subscription service like Karmo, you receive a brand new car every 4 months. Not only does this mean you are very unlikely to receive any wear and tear, it also means you’ll never really have to make time to go to the mechanic.

Low Cost

As shown above, averaging out your car expenses for the year and putting into a weekly sum can be hefty. A lot of people don’t take depreciation into account when buying a car even though it’s the biggest loss your car will take. A Karmo subscription allows you to pay one neat and affordable weekly sum that ends up being less than new car repayments and costs.

Low Maintenance

All subscriptions come with comprehensive insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and your car is always covered under a warranty. With Karmo, you will never have to make visits to the mechanic and dealerships.


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