Ins and outs of electric vehicle subscriptions, are they worth it?

10 March 2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming the future of transportation as we move towards a more sustainable world. Purchasing an EV can be a significant financial commitment, especially if you’re unsure if an EV is right for your lifestyle. This is where Karmo EV car subscriptions come in. Car subscriptions allow drivers to access the benefits of driving an electric vehicle without the upfront cost of purchasing one. We will explore the ins and outs of EV car subscriptions and whether a Karmo EV subscription is worth it.

What is an EV subscription service?

An EV car subscription is an alternative type of car ownership allowing drivers to access an electric vehicle for shorter fixed periods of time. The subscription fee covers the cost of the vehicle, registration, roadside assistance, insurance, and maintenance. Drivers can choose the subscription term period that best suits their needs. Typically four or six months, with the flexibility to cancel or to continue the subscription upon term completion. At the end of the four or six month term, Karmo will replace your EV with a brand new one! This allows you to upgrade or swap your EV as they are made available without taking on any risk.

What are the benefits of an electric vehicle subscription?

  • Cost: One of the main benefits of an EV car subscription is the cost savings. Car subscriptions allow drivers to enjoy the benefits of driving an electric vehicle without the upfront costs of purchasing one outright. Additionally, EVs are generally more cost-effective to operate than traditional gas-powered vehicles. This means drivers can run their vehicle on electricity, saving them up to 75% of their current monthly fuel costs.
  • Maintenance: Another benefit of EV car subscriptions is the convenience. With car subscriptions, drivers can enjoy a new, fully maintained and insured vehicle without the hassle of owning one. This means they don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs and can focus on enjoying the driving experience.
  • Helping the environment: EV car subscriptions are better for the environment. Electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than gas-powered vehicles, which means they are a cleaner and more sustainable transportation option.

Tesla 3 now accessible on convenient and flexible subscriptions with Karmo in Australia

Why a Karmo Electric Vehicle Subscription is worth it

Karmo is a reliable car subscription service provider that aims to make electric vehicles more accessible, sustainable, and convenient. They offer a range of electric cars, including the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Polestar 2, BYD Atto 3 and the MG ZS EV

Karmo’s subscription fee includes registration, roadside assistance, insurance and maintenance costs, making it an all-inclusive cost effective EV subscription package.

Another benefit of Karmo’s subscription service is its flexibility. You can start your subscription for as little as four months, which means you can try out an EV without committing to a long-term lease. Additionally, Karmo’s subscription fees are transparent, with no hidden costs or fees.

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