Why get a Karmo subscription?

Karmo’s car subscription fee bundles depreciation, registration, roadside and insurance into one neat, weekly fee. There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to swapping cars and every car on our subscription rotation is brand new. Karmo makes sure you receive a brand new car every 4 months, so you’re never paying for a used rental! Subscription is also a perfect alternative for businesses and their company vehicles, whether it be a novated lease or a fleet.

"Nice, brand new cars! Great customer service. Abbey is a very nice person and has been willing to help."

Isabelle Melo

"I love my ASX. I can’t believe I have a brand new car every month!"

Miwa Iswasaki

"So fast and easy to deal with, I think they are the only company that links drivers straight to the vehicle, rather than upload and wait wasted hours for the vehicle to be active. I'll be referring as many people as possible."

Cameron Smith

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Getting started is easy!

Contact us & apply

Once you've contacted us and let us know what type of car you're after and for how long, we'll send you an application form.

Pick your car

Once approved we'll organise your car and set up the car subscription contracts and payments. Once your car is ready for pick up, we'll let you know.

Simply drive

We'll give you the keys and let you get on the road. Payments will occur on the agreed basis and when your term is almost finished, we'll get in touch to see what you want next.

Frequently Asked Questions - Car Subscription

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What kind of documents do you require?

What is the minimum term hire?

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How old do I have to be to subscribe to a car?

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