Karmo Partners with Carbonhalo

13 July 2022

Karmo has partnered up with Carbon Halo to help offset their carbon emissions. We have offset all our National office operations which has helped offset over 72 tonnes of CO2 annually. Karmo will soon offer to all customers the ability to offset their carbon emissions as part of their subscription package.

A quick and affordable way to slow down climate change is to invest in natural ecosystems. This has other benefits for sustainability, such as the preservation of biodiversity, better water quality, and support for local communities. We want to support the development of market mechanisms that direct private sector funding into initiatives that increase carbon storage or reduce GHG emissions through conservation, restoration, and better management of terrestrial landscapes, wetlands, coastal ecosystems, and marine ecosystems.

Want to know how you can offset your Carbon emissions for your business or personal life? Take positive climate action now and learn more at the Carbon Halo website:


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