Rise in demand for electric car subscriptions in Australia

14 March 2023

Electric car subscriptions in Australia have been gaining popularity, but not everyone is ready to make the commitment to buy one outright. This is where electric car subscriptions come in. In recent years, electric car subscriptions have been on the rise in Australia, and for good reason.

The rise of electric car subscriptions in Australia has been driven by a number of factors, including government incentives for electric car use, new variety of Make and Models entering the market, the increasing availability of charging infrastructure, the growing awareness of the quick charge capabilities in the latest electric cars and lets not forget the convenience of collecting your new electric car within days or weeks, not months!

Tesla is leading the rise in demand of electric car subscriptions in Australia

What are electric car subscriptions?

Electric car subscriptions offer a flexible and cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of driving an electric car. Subscriptions remove the upfront costs and long-term commitment of tradtional ownership. Plus, the subscription weekly fee includes the cost of the car, registration, insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. All you need to cover is the cost of charging, which is cheaper than any tank of fuel! You choose the subscription length, with added flexibility to change your car or subscription plan as your needs change. This can make it easier for people on a budget to make the switch to electric cars.

What is the main advantage of car subscription service?

The standout advantage of electric car subscriptions is the ‘permanent new car experience’ you simply can not attain through any other car ownership alternative currently in the market. What do we mean by permanent new car experience? 

With a subscription, you have the option to switch between different hybrid and electric car models depending on your needs. This means you receive a new car every four or six months depending on your chosen term. You can choose a smaller electric car for city driving and switch to a larger car for upcoming long-distance trips. This flexibility gives you a permanent new car experience perfect for your current needs, and comes with no long-term contracts!

Increased availability of EV charging infrastructure a drive demand for electric car subscriptions

Who are car subscriptions best suited for?

Car subscriptions are suitable for a variety of people! Firstly, those wanting a new car but not the commitment of owning one. Likewise, those who want to switch between the latest car models depending on their needs or lifestyle. They are also ideal for anyone considering the switch to an electric car but want to try before they buy.

Additionally, car subscriptions can be particularly suitable for professionals who require access to a car for work purposes but do not want to incur the expenses of ownership. This may include salespeople who need to travel frequently between appointments, consultants who work on short-term projects, or freelance professionals who need to travel to different locations for their work. By subscribing to a car service, these professionals can have access to a vehicle without the hassle of buying, insuring, and maintaining a car themselves.

Ultimately, car subscriptions are suitable for anyone who wants the convenience and flexibility of having access to a car without the long-term commitment and expenses of ownership. 

With more people becoming aware of the benefits of electric cars and the increasing availability of charging infrastructure, it’s likely that the popularity of electric car subscriptions will definitely continue to rise in Australia in the coming years.

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