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Everything you need to know about car subscription.

Why get a subscription?

Car subscription is all about flexibility, control and affordability. Subscription prices can compare favourably to traditional car ownership. You will always have an amazing new car experience without having to worry about unforeseen circumstances. Simply select your car, your subscription term and drive away, it's that easy. Even better, at the end of each term, you can select a new car that meets the needs of your changing lifestyle.

What kind of package should I be looking for?

Subscription includes everything into the price except for fuel and tolls. Depreciation, registration, roadside and insurance should all be bundled into your subscription fee. There should be plenty of flexibility when it comes to swapping cars and every car up for subscription should be brand new or with very few KMs on the odometer.  Don’t pay too much for a used car! There should be no up front fees when subscribing to a car and no obligation to purchase.
Karmo subscription

An easier way to drive an EV.

Subscription is a great way to start your EV journey at an affordable price, especially with the growing demand and high entry premiums EV's demand. Whether it’s temporary or as a replacement for traditional ownership, subscription can help put EV's into the hands of people who want to be part of the ecosystem.
Karmo Electric Vehicles (EV)

Costs of Running a Car

Karmo subscription is extremely comparable to ownership in price but comes with added convenience and service benefits. Don't pay off a depreciating car.
Costs collected from RACV's Driving Your Dollars survey and RACQ data. Financing calculated over 5 year term.
BMW X3 30i
Karmo BMW White
Weekly Expenses
Loan Repayment
On-road Costs
Servicing and tyres
Ageing used car
Weekly total: $453.11
Karmo BMW Black
Weekly Expenses
On-road costs
Servicing and tyres
Weekly total: $414
Tesla Model 3
Karmo Tesla White
Weekly Expenses
Loan Repayment
On-road Costs
Servicing and tyres
Ageing used car
Weekly total: $404.93
Karmo Tesla Black
Weekly Expenses
On-road costs
Servicing and tyres
Weekly total: $399

Karmo vs Other Subscriptions vs Lease

Karmo works a little differently to regular car subscriptions such as Carbar, Motopool, Carly and Hellocars. With Karmo, you will always have a brand new car,  so we can guarantee you will always have that new car smell. You can still have the same car at the end of your term, but a brand new one will be delivered to you (or picked up). There are no sign up fees on top of subscription, with the only up front fee being a bond. We include everything else that comes with a standard car subscription service including deprciation, registration, roadside, insurance, no long term commitments and car swap flexibility.
  • Inclusions
  • No large, over the top fees
  • New cars
  • New car rotation
  • Car flexibility
  • Maintenance
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Free delivery option*
  • No long term commitment
  • New car replacement
  • Trade in your car
  • National coverage
  • No hidden costs
  • Toll management option
  • Karmo
  • Other Subscriptions
  • Lease

Subscription for your business

Business fleet subscription can be a much more cost effective and simple way for you and your employees to access cars. All the benefits of owning or leasing without the need for a long term commitment. Subscription also doesn't need to be accounted for on your balance sheet. Keep your employees happy by keeping their cars brand new.
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Karmo business

Cars have never had a higher floor price.
We make new cars affordable.

We see this time and time again, especially within the current climate of the automotive industry; new cars can be hard to get. Karmo offers only brand new cars with every subscription. No used cars, no cars outside the current year. Karmo cars are swapped frequently for brand new replacements. Whether you want the same car again when you re-sign or a completely different model, Karmo will make sure it's a brand new vehicle. To be competitive with ownership, subscriptions need to be able to provide top tier vehicles and service. We make sure we reach that goal with every customer.
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Karmo New Cars

A better rideshare experience.

Rideshare drivers get all the benefits of subscription mentioned above with the largest benefit being the car itself. Wow your customers with your vehicle that will remain new every time you renew your subscription. Keep your rating high and make sure it never slips again with our large range of premium vehicles.
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Karmo Rideshare

Benefits of Subscription

Karmo Commitment Icon
No Commitment
Freedom and ability to not pay for a car when you don’t need one, such as when travelling overseas
Karmo Low Risk Icon
Try before you buy
Allows the consumer to try a model or type of vehicle before committing to buy one if ownership is their long term goal
Karmo Price Icon
Cheaper upfront costs than traditional car leasing
Karmo fee icon
Easy weekly fee
One single payment covering vehicle costs, including insurance, rego, maintenance
Karmo convenience icon
Easy online shopping, select your car from our range available, removing the burden of visiting dealerships
Karmo flexible icon
Subscription allows you to change your car to suit your lifestyle or different needs
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