Why long term car rentals aren’t worth it

14 June 2024

Individuals looking to use a vehicle for a long period of time have most often turned to long term car rentals as there is no commitment of ownership. But what individuals don’t know is that car rentals have a number of disadvantages beneath the surface of renting which can make them a less than ideal choice for many individuals. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at why long term car rentals may not be worth your money or peace of mind, and also see how car subscriptions are a better alternative.

Be sure to understand what you're signing up for when opting for a long-term car

Fleet Age Should Be A Critical Consideration

One of the most important factors to think of when choosing a long term car rental is the age and condition of the rental vehicle fleet. While Australia has strict rules about scrapping damaged cars to avoid putting drivers at risk, some rental companies may still have fleets of old vehicles that have been used a lot and may have scrapes, wear and tear. 

These issues lead to increased maintenance costs, low fuel efficiency, therefore meaning that you might spend more time in the garage or at the service center than enjoying driving your rented vehicle. 

Compared to long term car rentals, car subscription service offered by Karmo gives individuals access to brand new or close to brand new vehicles, ensuring that subscribers are able to enjoy hassle free driving with the latest technology in place, safety and reliability.

All Inclusive Pricing vs. Hidden Fees

Long term car rentals most times offer low daily or weekly rates but what they don’t tell you is how easily the base cost can increase after you factor in additional fees and charges. From surcharges, mileage overcharges, additional insurance coverage and refuelling costs, the final price for a long term car rental can far exceed initial given costing.

Car subscription services provided by Karmo on the other hand offer transparent, up front, all inclusive pricing that covers everything from insurance to maintenance to roadside assistance and vehicle swaps. There are no hidden fees therefore allowing subscribers to enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly what they will have to pay each week.

Customer service in Car Rentals vs Car Subscriptions

The caliber of customer service offered is an additional important factor for any subscription service or vehicle rental. Unfortunately, a lot of long-term rental businesses fall short in this area, providing little assistance or attention to problems that may occur. This might make customers feel stuck and annoyed when they encounter problems like billing errors, mechanical failures, or unexpected roadside crises. On the other hand, car subscription services put the needs of its clients first by providing courteous customer service representatives, round-the-clock roadside assistance, and individualised support for the duration of the subscription.

Pricing Structures and Kilometre Limits

For the most part, long-term car rentals have a set rate for the length of the rental, plus extra for extreme wear and tear or overages in miles. Because of this, it may be difficult to estimate and budget for overall expenses, particularly for clients whose mobility requirements change frequently. On the other hand, car subscription services provide flexible price options, large mileage allowances, and the ability to change your membership tier as needed. A vehicle subscription can offer an affordable and practical transportation option that fits your needs, regardless of how often you travel.

Reliability: The Importance of Peace of Mind

Reliability is critical for long-term transportation solutions. Unfortunately, older rental cars are more likely to experience maintenance problems and mechanical failures, which might leave customers stranded and uncomfortable. Reliability and safety are given top priority by car subscription services, which provide routine maintenance and inspections to guarantee worry-free driving for members. With a fleet of well-kept cars and full roadside support at their disposal, subscribers can drive with confidence, always knowing that assistance is only a phone call away.

Enjoy flexibility and peace of mind with a car subscription

Flexibility: Adapting to Your Changing Needs

The freedom that car subscription services provide is one of their biggest benefits. In contrast to long-term rentals, which frequently entail strict contracts and defined terms, car subscriptions are more flexible with their terms. Car subscription services like Karmo make it simple to switch cars or modify your subscription plan with the least amount of trouble, whether you need to downsize to a more fuel-efficient model for everyday commuting or upgrade to a larger vehicle for a family road trip.


Long-term car rentals can appear like a practical and affordable option at first, but they sometimes have unstated costs, outdated cars, no flexibility, and poor customer service. Car subscription services, on the other hand, are the better option for contemporary consumers since they provide clear pricing, newer cars, all-inclusive assistance, and unparalleled flexibility. Karmo Car Subscriptions is a hassle-free and handy transportation option that can be tailored to your changing needs. 

Karmo is dedicated to giving subscribers a flawless and joyful driving experience every time with clear pricing, a wide fleet of cars, and unmatched customer support.

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