Why get a Karmo Rideshare subscription?

Improve your rating with Karmo’s premium rideshare rentals. Our rideshare rental plans cover a comprehensive package of services including maintenance, insurance, registration and roadside all wrapped up in the weekly plan. Karmo provides you a brand new car every few months so you’ll always be driving a reliable car, keeping you on the road. Plus, you choose the car you need from our range of petrol, hybrid or electric vehicles. No matter if you prefer a compact car, luxury vehicle or large SUV, Karmo’s new car rotation will have you covered.

Getting started is easy!


Contact us & apply

Once you've contacted us and have let us know what type of car you're after and for how long, we'll send you an application form to start the subscription process.


Pick your car

Once approved we'll organise your car and set up subscription contracts and payments.


Start driving on the apps

We'll give you the keys and you can start your rideshare business. Payments will occur on the agreed basis and when your term is almost finished, we'll get in touch to see what you want next.

Karmo vs Lease vs Other Subscriptions

Karmo subscription works a little differently to other subscription models and leasing options. We make sure you get a permanent new car experience.

  • Inclusions

  • New Cars
  • $0 upfront fees
  • New car rotation
  • Rideshare Licensing included
  • Maintenance
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • No long term commitment
  • New car replacement
  • No hidden costs
  • Other Subscriptions

  • Lease

* In some cases, we may need to change your vehicle if it requires maintenance or repairs. In which case, we will endeavour to replace it with a comparable car (subject to availability). For additional information, see our terms & conditions.
“Super friendly, quick and helpful people. The best overall rideshare rental company I’ve experienced so far.”

Reuben Oats

"By far the best Rideshare solution in Brisbane (I have tried the others). Superior service and great cars".

Viren Singh

"If you require a rental for rideshare this is the company to use. The team was fantastic through the whole process and I found the upfront friendly manner to be refreshing".

Murray Weedon

"Highly recommended but I know also that they are always full on their roster so if you can get in, stay in. You will know the difference. And a new car every 4 - 6 weeks for the price of one weekly payment? Yep, that's me, that's Karmo".

Ymania Brown

"So fast and easy to deal with, I think they are the only company that links drivers straight to the vehicle, rather than upload and wait wasted hours for the vehicle to be active. I'll be referring as many people as possible."

Cameron Smith

Flexibly choose a car that matches your changing lifestyle.

Get in touch our customer support team are waiting to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Rideshare rental

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Do you have rideshare insurance for your cars?

What is the minimum term length for rideshare?

Can I drive my car for personal use?

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