Bypass Credit Checks With Car Subscriptions And Drive Your Dream Car  

5 February 2024

A bad credit score is difficult to shake off. This bad credit score follows you into a car dealership and that means your options are as limited as a vegan’s choices at a sausage sizzle. If it’s not higher interest rates or stricter bad credit loan terms, it’s a flat-out denial and you’re forced to settle for shopping for a used car on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.  

Why are Credit Checks Unfair? 

Credit checks in Australia can sometimes feel like they’re not just checking your financial pulse but also dictating your life choices, especially when it comes to buying a new car. Here’s the rub: these checks often look at your past financial hiccups without considering the context and this makes buying or upgrading to a car that suits your family’s needs out of reach.

What’s the Smart Alternative? 

Car Subscription is the fastest growing alternative to buying, leasing and renting a new car in Australia because it provides the best aspects of car ownership minus the risk involved. Recent Studies show that 81% of people who are looking for their first car are considering a subscription. It is estimated that by 2026, the car subscription model’s volume will hit 1.6 billion dollars by 2026. Unlike leasing or buying you there is not long term commitment or looming balloon payment in the horizon.

What is a Karmo Car Subscription? 

A Karmo car subscription is a flexible service that provides you with access to a new vehicle without the long-term commitment and financial burden of ownership. There are no credit checks, upfront costs and an option to upgrade or swap to a new car every 4-6 months. With hubs in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth we can ensure a same-day delivery. 

How Does a Car Subscription Work? 

Car subscriptions are more straightforward than you think. All you need to do is select the car and subscription duration you want, apply and once approved you can enjoy a brand new vehicle while paying the weekly subscription plan. Once your plan is up for renewal, you can switch the type of car you are driving so you never get bored. It is the ultimate flexible way to drive. Our FAQs provide more information about the process involved. 

Subscription Is For Everyone

Whether you’re a rideshare driver and you’re looking for a new car for Uber or Didi or an individual looking for a car for personal use, we have customised subscription plans for you. Contrary to popular belief we found in our 2023 Year In Review that subscription is not just a millennial thing and that the flexibility and convenience appeals to a diverse audience.

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