Tesla subscription providing relief for Tesla S customers

7 April 2023

The Tesla Model S Long Range is one of the most sought-after electric cars in Australia. However, reports are showing customers in the country have been left frustrated and disappointed by the lack of communication from Tesla regarding their orders. Many customers have been waiting for over 18 months for the car to arrive, leading to growing frustrations with the company and increase in demand for Tesla subscription.

Australians’ left behind in the wait for Tesla S

One of the main issues that customers have raised is the prioritisation of left-hand driving countries like the US and Europe. It is no secret that Tesla has been expanding rapidly in these regions, and this has resulted in delays for customers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. While it is understandable that Tesla would focus on larger markets first, it is disappointing for customers who have been waiting for months on end.

Source: The Driven

Uncertainty in the new Tesla S arrival to Australia

Another issue that has contributed to frustration among customers is the lack of communication from Tesla. Many customers have reported that they have not received any updates for months at a time on the status of their orders, despite numerous attempts to contact the company. This has left many feeling ignored and undervalued as customers. Unfortunately, to date there is still no clear indication of when the Tesla S Long Range will be hitting Australian shores.

Source: The Driven

Car subscriptions providing temporary relief for frustrated Tesla S Long Range customers

While the frustration of waiting for the Tesla Model S Long Range is understandable, there is a temporary solution that can help alleviate some of the stress. Car subscription services like Karmo offer a flexible and convenient way to access a Tesla while waiting for the delayed model to arrive. With Karmo, customers can choose to subscribe to a brand new Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y for as little as a month, without any long-term commitment.

Tesla Y available on Car Subscription

Perks of a Tesla Subscription

This not only provides a way to experience the benefits of owning an electric vehicle but can also help bridge the gap until the Model S Long Range is finally delivered. As an added bonus, Karmo takes care of all the administrative tasks such as registration, insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance which are all included in the affordable weekly fee, making the experience hassle-free. Plus, at the end of 4-6 months you are provided another brand new Tesla as you return your current one. Car subscriptions are a great way to bridge the gap and start your commitment to a greener driving experience today. 

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