The Great Australian Dream Moving Faster than a Tesla Model 3

23 July 2021

The automotive industry is evolving faster than we can imagine, with Australian drivers looking for more convenient ways to access vehicles without the long-term commitment and expense of traditional ownership. 

Car subscription is all about flexibility, control and affordability. At a price that compares favourably to traditional car ownership, Australian’s can have an amazing new car experience without having to worry about the hoops required to secure finance and unforeseen circumstances down the track for one weekly flat fee.

The idea of a car subscription can be a lot to get your head around at first, after all we have been conditioned most of our lives that owning your car is one tick of the box for realising the Australian dream. However, car subscription offers flexible access to a vehicle of your choice, that can evolve with your lifestyle and needs. According to Goldman Sachs research, vehicle subscription could account for up to 10% of all new vehicle sales in the US and EU by 2025, and with Australia watching these economies closely, there is no doubt we will be embracing this consumer shift too, as research also indicated that 75% of under 40’s would be interested in car subscription.

As car subscription continues to grow in Australia, forward-thinking individuals and organisations who believe in the power of ‘access not ownership’ are reaping the rewards of hassle-free driving and using their hard earned cash for more sustainable investments. We are excited to be a part of this global movement, and look forward to seeing how far it goes.

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